The Middle Years

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Weekend at Boerne

We were in Boerne, (bern-ee) TX recently for a bike ride. It’s a quaint town near San Antonio. It’s been 10 years since I visited and the town continues to grow. Main street is thriving with quirky and fine shops. I’d like to return so we can explore more of it! xoxo Sarah

One Week in the Grand Canyon

Here’s the thing. I didn’t really want to spend a week rafting/camping in the Grand Canyon but my husband really wanted to go. We had visited the North Rim before but I was curious to get deep inside the canyon. I’m not a good camper but I’m from Texas and we’re not known for pleasant…

You Know What You Want

“They aren’t working very hard.”Did I hear my trainer right? He’s new to the gym and I was curious about his coaching style. “I have to motivate them to work hard”.Have you asked them about their goals?”Well, I know what they need.”His style was to push to make them work hard.He wanted to see results…