Weekend at Boerne

We were in Boerne, (bern-ee) TX recently for a bike ride. It’s a quaint town near San Antonio. It’s been 10 years since I visited and the town continues to grow. Main street is thriving with quirky and fine shops. I’d like to return so we can explore more of it! xoxo Sarah

You Know What You Want

“They aren’t working very hard.”Did I hear my trainer right? He’s new to the gym and I was curious about his coaching style. “I have to motivate them to work hard”.Have you asked them about their goals?“Well, I know what they need.”His style was to push to make them work hard.He wanted to see results … Continue reading You Know What You Want

Spring Update

Oh my! I’ve been away for a while. I started pounding the keys in January working on a new project. We had the artic blast in February which knocked out power and water for many in my area. Then my father passed away once we had (somewhat) recovered from the storm. While it’s difficult to … Continue reading Spring Update

Fatburn Part 2

Since diets are a hot topic this time of year, here’s a follow-up since I posted “What I Have Learned about Covid and Fatburning”. I have continued to lose weight. Yes, even during the holidays! I’m continuing to remove vegetable oils from my diet, fasting between meals so that I can burn fat and keeping … Continue reading Fatburn Part 2

Dear 2020

You are like Lucy who yanked the football out of the way right before Charlie Brown kicked it.  Fortunately, I got up, dusted myself off and tried again. I’ve learned some things this year and I’m grateful for the lessons. First, I love being in quarantine with my husband.  We’ve developed new routines and have … Continue reading Dear 2020

Pedernales Falls State Park

We recently visited Pedernales Falls near Johnson City, TX. It was as beautiful and unique as I remember it from years ago, though the water is lower now. The park now requires reservations for visits. Enjoy these videos and photos! Love, Sarah

Ashburn Chicken

We have had a few friends over from time to time during the pandemic. This really lifts my spirits to be with people again! A friend gave us this recipe and I just love it! The aroma of the garlic, oregano, and fruit is divine. You can make it ahead and cook it the next … Continue reading Ashburn Chicken


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