Taking Flight

I flew last week. I was curious and a little concerned about how it would go. I hadn’t seen much on flying recently but remember the photos of crowded planes and few face masks. I also was aware that the Texas Medical Association had rated flying as a moderately high risk activity.

After thinking about it, I decided to continue with the trip. I was meeting close friends for a weekend in West Virginia. My husband and I have been mostly home during pandemic. We have seen a few friends and gone to the beach, but other than that, we have had little social life.

My flight was from Houston to Richmond, VA and I found a direct flight. I was disappointed when a week out, the airlines canceled my flight. They routed me to Washington, D.C. then picked up a smaller plane to Richmond. My flight to DC was 50% full and I had the row to myself. I was thrilled! The flight attendants gave us a plastic bag with a small water bottle and a couple snacks. I packed my lunch thinking it would be a long day and when I saw that the restaurants in the Houston airport were closed, I was grateful that I had my meal. My flight to Richmond had more passengers, around 70%, but it was a short flight. I was relieved to land in Richmond! I had that mask on for 6 hours and couldn’t wait to take it off. I thought about the essential workers who wear them every day all day.

I felt like the airline tried to do everything they could to make it safe and comfortable. All the passengers were wearing masks, were patient and complied with requests. The crew seemed happy that we were there. It was a good experience overall. I’ll fly again when the times comes.

Safe travels!


Everything is changing

I’m in transition from a previous life into a new one. I have read about the liminal space, where you are between something old and something new.

I spent decades in the oil and gas industry helping teams and leaders become more effective and reach their goals. In 2017, I decided to shift my business to leadership coaching. I started the coaching program at Rice University in January 2018. I loved practicing those deep listening skills. I felt that I was in the right place.

Where am I today? I’ve been coaching a bit but most of my time has been taking care of family. Since 2018, I’ve dealt with serious family illness, lost two pets, buried my mother, and now my 91 year old father is in declining health.

My husband recently retired and this brings new adventures. When he decided to retire, we weren’t in a pandemic. We’re both 57 and fortunate that we can retire now. We had planned to be traveling all summer, but now we’re trying to keep busy and plan our future.

Anyway, I’m trying to lean into this transition as I imagine what’s next. I’m always learning and working on nutrition, wellness and fitness topics. I picked up some weighted jump ropes a couples months ago. It’s fun but a challenge! I’m on a journey to improve my jump rope skills. More on that later!

My hope is that someone will benefit from what I share in this blog. Come join me!