You Know What You Want

“They aren’t working very hard.”
Did I hear my trainer right? He’s new to the gym and I was curious about his coaching style.

“I have to motivate them to work hard”.
Have you asked them about their goals?
“Well, I know what they need.”
His style was to push to make them work hard.
He wanted to see results from his clients.
Do you know what results they want?
He thought he did.
He seemed to be making assumptions about his clients. This is classic working up the Ladder of Inference.

I observe some data, then I select data, I add my meanings based on culture/experience, I make assumptions based on those meanings, then I draw conclusions. Last I adopt beliefs and take actions based on those beliefs. That’s the Ladder of Inference.

We often think our beliefs are true, it’s obvious and it’s based on real data. When your friend doesn’t call you back and you think it’s because she’s mad at you. Later, you found out she was dealing with a family crisis.

One way to avoid jumping up the Ladder quickly is share your thinking, test your beliefs with others, and talk about the data. Yes, just talk about what you’re seeing and experiencing!

We ended up having a conversation about things that could be going on and what to talk about with his clients.

I help women entrepreneurs launch their business with ease. I ask my clients what they want to get out of it. It’s important that it’s about you, not me.

Have a fabulous day!


Spring Update

Oh my! I’ve been away for a while. I started pounding the keys in January working on a new project. We had the artic blast in February which knocked out power and water for many in my area. Then my father passed away once we had (somewhat) recovered from the storm. While it’s difficult to say goodbye, I know that he’s at peace now. After some time, I turned back to my purpose.

Voila! The new project is my new website to help entrepreneurial women identify their gifts and help them launch their business with ease. I plan to use my coaching skills and will offer MBTI and EQ-i assessments. Things are already starting off with a bang!

I started this blog to explore a number of things going on in my life. The death of my mother. Nutritional issues. Fitness fun. Travel. I will continue to explore those topics but will shift to helping people with my skills.

After three decades of work experience, I have decided to approach this in the way we’re working now. Virtually where the internet connects us all together.

Try out the personality quiz on my home page to find out your Unique Gift! Let me know what you think.

xoxo Sarah