Dear 2020

You are like Lucy who yanked the football out of the way right before Charlie Brown kicked it.  Fortunately, I got up, dusted myself off and tried again.

I’ve learned some things this year and I’m grateful for the lessons.

First, I love being in quarantine with my husband.  We’ve developed new routines and have had some fun.

I learned a new skill, jumping rope.  I never thought I would be into jumping rope and posting videos of myself online for thousands to view. Yikes!

I started this blog after encouragement from a friend. Then, I took a writing class which gave me some wonderful new insights into my writing. There’s more to learn and practice in this arena.

We made a couple getaways this year which soothed the soul.  It felt a little illicit, but our driving trip to Colorado sustained me for several months.

I learned that I treasure my friends and it was a delight to keep in touch with them over these months.  I hope we continue this post quarantine.

I have met new friends through these experiences and have learned from all of you.  I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs and peek inside your experiences. I appreciate all the love and support you have given.

Here’s to new adventures (and some flexibility) in 2021!

xoxo Sarah

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

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